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"A 0.1s improvement of your mobile site speed increases your conversion rates by 8.4%."
The need for speed is mandatory for a great experience. The speed optimization process never ends. Shopify merchants, need to stay focus and keep the speed driver awake.
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What is your Shopify Store Speed?

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Faster Shopify Store

Big Brands improve their stores continuously, don't be left behind

Quality UX

Give your brand a fast Shopify store that builds trust in customers

Returning Customers

Happy returning customers
Stay 1000 miles ahead your competition

More Conversions

More Sales
Avoid abandoned checkouts

Better SEO

Better Google rankings
Keep Up with Google Search Algorithms

Dedicated Support

Now, your website is fast, but for how long?
We can help you maintain your speed
Shopify Speed Optimization
increase SEO rankings
Faster stores encourage people to stay longer and purchase more. 
This will increase the customer engagement by at least 5.2%.

Total clicks



Total impressions



Average CTR



Average position



Impact of speed on mobile funnel conversion rates.

The study pointed out that site speed will impact customer engagement, conversions and ultimately a brand's bottom line.

Google’s user performance data shows that even the smallest fraction of a second in page load can change customer focus and interaction.

Time to Load
User Impact
0 to 16ms
Users are exceptionally good at tracking motion, and they dislike it when animations aren't smooth. They perceive animations as smooth so long as 60 new frames are rendered every second. That's 16ms per frame, including the time it takes for the browser to paint the new frame to the screen, leaving an app about 10ms to produce a frame.
0 to 100ms
Respond to user actions within this time window and users feel like the result is immediate. Any longer, and the connection between action and reaction is broken.
100 to 300ms
Users experience a slight perceptible delay.
300 to 1000ms
Within this window, things feel part of a natural and continuous progression of tasks. For most users on the web, loading pages or changing views represents a task.
1000ms or more
Beyond 1000 milliseconds (1 second), users lose focus on the task they are performing.
10000ms or more
Beyond 10000 milliseconds (10 seconds), users are frustrated and are likely to abandon tasks. They may or may not come back later.

The study pointed that site speed will impact customer engagement, conversions and ultimately a brand's bottom line.

Investing in site speed is the key to a brand success online.







I am less liktely to make a purchase

I am less liktely to return to this website

Won’t make a difference to me

I am less likely to tell a friend

Unbounce Speed Impact Report

Customers are not the only ones that penalize a slow speed website, also Google penalize slow websites, by giving them a badge of shame.

Google Search Ranking algorithm update, has dropped in traffic many stores, and is unpredictable and is very important you always keep your online store fast and updated

Total clicks



Total impressions



Average CTR



Average position



The good news is that raw site speed is a problem with a one-time, realistic, achievable solution that doesn't rely on dishonest practices or attempts to game the system.

Every time, Google patches their algorithm and the boom becomes a bust. We've all read about the companies that flew too close to the sun.

Let's be real: cheaters occasionally find SEO tricks that might work for a few weeks or months, but this isn't how you build a sustainable, 100-year business.

* According to Google Page Speed and Impact calculator, for every ms saved in loading speed, you will get more sales Test your mobile impact here.
‍** Moving towards a faster web. Google decided to punish slow websites with a Badge of Shame Read more here.
‍*** Test your Shopify store speed here. Google PageSpeed Insights. Please note: Run the test at least 5 times. We always do that.
**** A new theme will not make your store faster if the theme is not perfromant. Before buying a new theme, check out our study. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay updated.
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Speed Matters

Our primary mission is to help as many Shopify stores to increase their performance as much as possible. If you want your store to be first, ahead of your competition, then you are in the best place.